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Systems Solutions For Connected Transportation Network Infrastructure

Systems Solutions for Connected Transportation Network Infrastructure | MicrosemiIncreased mobility, safety and adaptability to real-time conditions in airports, seaports, railway and mass transit – connectivity and technology advances enable connected transportation networks to enhance the passenger experience and security more than ever before.

To improve situational awareness for more robust crowd safety and security, transit authorities often rely on IP surveillance cameras as part of their overall security systems. WLAN access points also enrich the passenger experience with high-density Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity, both on-board and inside transit terminals. Microsemi offers several Power over Ethernet (PoE) systems to support safe indoor and outdoor installation of surveillance and communications devices requiring up to 60W of power. IP video surveillance systems also rely on accurate and precise network timing synchronization to distribute network time to IP cameras distributed throughout the site. Microsemi is the leader in Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers, which connect to various potential sources of synchronization, including GPS inputs, to accurately distribute timing using the NTP protocol.

For service providers looking to increase network edge capacity and coverage to deliver advanced wireless services for transit facility hotspots, Microsemi provides complete timing systems for network time synchronization, and accurate time stamping across distributed systems. Microsemi’s time and synchronization solutions enable indoor and outdoor wireless network deployment scenarios in transit facilities and are ideal for multiple applications including small cells for high-density LTE coverage and wireless backhaul.

Accurate, precise time similarly plays a critical role in other segments of the transportation industry. For example, public transit companies, package delivery companies, airlines, etc. need to ensure that their widespread networks have the correct time in order to accurately identify deviations from schedule so that managers can take corrective action and accurate records can be maintained as is often required for regulatory or process improvement purposes. Microsemi SyncServers® and bus cards with driver software deliver the accuracy and robustness needed to provide accurate time stamping that determines with certainty exactly when a bus reached a milestone or a package was delivered. Accurate and robust network timing enables better decision-making to improve the performance of the transportation system and ensure a positive passenger experience.

Explore our systems solutions for connected transportation network infrastructure:

  • Carrier Grade NTP and PTP Servers
  • Integrated Grand Masters
  • Network Time Servers / NTP Servers
  • PoE Systems

Microsemi is a Power over Ethernet innovator, having shipped PoE ICs and systems since 1998, and a major source of IEEE 802.3af, IEEE 802.3ae and HDBaseT standards. Microsemi precise time solutions also set the world's standard for time. Our timing and synchronization solutions to generate, distribute and apply accurate, precise time are used worldwide in multiple industries, including communications, aerospace/defense, IT infrastructure and metrology. With Microsemi's advanced technologies for energy efficiency and time accuracy, we can help you build more reliable and secure networks and systems to meet the most demanding connected transportation network applications.