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RFQs / Order
Part No. Manufacturer Qty  
Hjem > Produkter > Optoelektronik > Display Moduler - LED Tegn og Numerisk

Display Moduler - LED Tegn og Numerisk3241 produkter fundet



Beskrivelse:DISPLAY 570NM GRN 1DIG .36 TH
Kingbright- Kingbright Company LLC. is a leading LED manufacturer with a global presence. For over 29 years, Kingbright has delivered the highest quality LED products, technological innovations, and unparalleled customer service around the world. Headquartered in Taiwan, Kingbright’s dedication to vesting R&D projects and developing full line ultra-high-efficient LEDs remains the core mission. With the immense production capacity of its TS 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certified manufacturing plants in China, Kingbright continues to exceed many expectations worldwide.
LTS-4640AE Image
  • En del#:XZFMDK05A
  • producenter:SunLED
  • Beskrivelse:DISPLAY LED 0.2" RED CA SMD
  • På lager:22576
  • En del#:LTM-8529E
  • producenter:Lite-On Inc.
  • Beskrivelse:DISPLAY 2DGT ALPHA-NUM ORN 0.56"
  • På lager:16168
QBASS40YG0 Image
XZFAVG10C2 Image
  • En del#:XZFAVG10C2
  • producenter:SunLED
  • Beskrivelse:DISPLAY 0.4" 2DIGIT GRN CC SMD
  • På lager:17938
DA04-11EWA Image
  • En del#:DA04-11EWA
  • producenter:Kingbright
  • Beskrivelse:DISPLAY 627NM HE RED 2DIG 4" TH
  • På lager:22877
LTC-4627JF Image
XDMYK20C-1 Image
  • En del#:XDMYK20C-1
  • producenter:SunLED
  • Beskrivelse:DISPLAY 20.32MM YELLOW 1DIGIT CC
  • På lager:47118
HDSP-F103 Image
  • En del#:XZFBBA07A
  • producenter:SunLED
  • Beskrivelse:DISPLAY LED 0.3" BLUE CA SMD
  • På lager:9983
LA-601EB Image
HDSP-H2G3 Image
  • En del#:LTM-8522P
  • producenter:Lite-On Inc.
  • Beskrivelse:DISPLAY 3DGT ALPHA-NUM RED 0.56"
  • På lager:10056
XAUY14A2 Image
  • En del#:XAUY14A2
  • producenter:SunLED
  • Beskrivelse:DISPLAY 14-SEG YLW 2DIGIT CA
  • På lager:31987

Display Moduler - LED Tegn og Numerisk3241 produkter fundet