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Casa > Productos > Conjuntos de cables > Cables Flex planos (FFC, FPC)

Cables Flex planos (FFC, FPC)2000 Productos Encontrados


Aries Electronics

Descripción:CABLE 15POS .100 JUMPER 3 INCH
Aries Electronics
Aries Electronics- Aries is the recognized leading manufacturer of Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) Test Sockets for DIP, PGA, PLCC and SOIC sockets, and continues to be a significant source for a wide variety of specialty electronic connectors. Our corporate objective is to continue to grow within the electronic packaging area, further establishing our position as a major international connector manufacturer.
A9CCA-1408F Image
A9BAG-0308F Image
A9CAG-1608F Image
A9CAA-1604F Image
A9CCG-1406F Image
A9BBA-0303F Image
A9BAA-0303F Image
A9AAT-0805F Image
A9CAA-2204E Image
A9CAA-0508F Image
A9CCA-1008E Image
JF08R0R051020MA Image
A9AAT-1308F Image
A9BAG-1106F Image
A9BBG-1203F Image
A9BAA-2002F Image
A9CCA-1005F Image
A9CAA-0308F Image
A9CAA-0602E Image
A9BBA-0602F Image
A9CCA-1506F Image
A9CAG-0802F Image
JF08R0R051015MA Image
A9CCG-2003F Image
A9CCA-1204F Image
A9AAT-1005F Image
A9BBA-0504F Image
A9BAA-1602F Image
A9CAA-1204F Image
A9CCA-0808F Image
A9BAA-2503E Image
A9BAG-1006F Image
A9CAA-0404E Image

Cables Flex planos (FFC, FPC)2000 Productos Encontrados