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Casa > Productos > Conectores, Interconexiones > Sockets para CIs, Transistores - Adaptadores

Sockets para CIs, Transistores - Adaptadores353 Productos Encontrados


Logical Systems Inc.

Descripción:ADAPTER 20QSOP TO 20DIP
Logical Systems Inc.
Logical Systems Inc.- Logical Systems Corporation has been in business since 1982 and has designed and manufactured adapters since 1987. We offer IC programming adapters, emulator adapters, prototyping adapters, SMT to through hole package converters and test sockets. We offer custom design services for all IC packages. We operate in-house design and production facilities and offer some chip programming and assembly services. We have distributors in over 30 countries worldwide and our products can be purchased through Digi-Key within the U.S.
PA-QSD3SM18-20 Image
32-650000-10 Image
20-351000-11-RC Image
224-1275-29-0602J Image
  • Parte#:224-1275-29-0602J
  • Fabricantes:3M
  • Descripción:RECEPTACLE DIP SOCKET 24POS .6"
  • En stock:2919
28-653000-10 Image
PA-SOD3SM18-20 Image
16-350000-10 Image
28-351000-10 Image
20-350000-10 Image
14-351000-10 Image
PA-SOD3SM18-16 Image
24-350000-11-RC Image
28-35W000-10 Image
PA-TS1D6SM18-40 Image
24-650000-11-RC Image
1107254-24 Image
222-3343-19-0602J Image
  • Parte#:222-3343-19-0602J
  • Fabricantes:3M
  • Descripción:RECEPTACLE DIP SOCKET 22POS .4"
  • En stock:3038
PA-SSD3SM18-16 Image
PA-SSD3SM18-18 Image
242-1293-29-0602J Image
  • Parte#:242-1293-29-0602J
  • Fabricantes:3M
  • Descripción:RECEPTACLE DIP SOCKET 42POS .6"
  • En stock:1835
LCQT-QFP0.5-80 Image
18-350000-11-RC Image
PA-SOD3SM18-14 Image
228-1277-39-0602J Image
  • Parte#:228-1277-39-0602J
  • Fabricantes:3M
  • Descripción:RECEPTACLE DIP SOCKET 28POS .6"
  • En stock:2156
PA-SSD6SM18-24 Image
32-450001-11-RC Image
224-1275-09-0602J Image
  • Parte#:224-1275-09-0602J
  • Fabricantes:3M
  • Descripción:SOCKET ADAPTER 24DIP TO 24DIP
  • En stock:2295
242-1281-29-0602J Image
  • Parte#:242-1281-29-0602J
  • Fabricantes:3M
  • Descripción:RECEPTACLE DIP SOCKET 42POS .6"
  • En stock:3091
08-350000-11-RC Image
28-350002-10 Image

Sockets para CIs, Transistores - Adaptadores353 Productos Encontrados