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Casa > Productos > Filtros > Núcleos de ferrita-cables y cableado

Núcleos de ferrita-cables y cableado739 Productos Encontrados



KEMET- KEMET Corporation is a leading global supplier of electronic components. We offer our customers the broadest selection of capacitor technologies in the industry across all dielectrics, along with an expanding range of electro-mechanical devices, electromagnetic compatibility solutions and supercapacitors. Our vision is to be the preferred supplier of electronic component solutions for customers demanding the highest standards of quality, delivery and service.
ESD-R-38D Image
  • Parte#:ESD-R-38D
  • Fabricantes:KEMET
  • Descripción:FERRITE CORE SOLID 19MM
  • En stock:34762
KR16TT110620 Image
28B0999-000 Image
ESD-SR-150 Image
  • Parte#:ESD-SR-150
  • Fabricantes:KEMET
  • En stock:14744
28B0375-100 Image
ESD-R-25B Image
  • Parte#:ESD-R-25B
  • Fabricantes:KEMET
  • Descripción:FERRITE CORE CLAMP 13.9MM
  • En stock:28386
ESD-R-14C-2 Image
  • Parte#:ESD-R-14C-2
  • Fabricantes:KEMET
  • Descripción:FERRITE CORE SOLID 7MM
  • En stock:131499
7427223 Image
HFB095051-200 Image
28B0591-200 Image
FFAT-54 Image
74270010 Image
28B1142-000 Image
74278031 Image
FB43-226 Image
ESD-R-25D Image
  • Parte#:ESD-R-25D
  • Fabricantes:KEMET
  • Descripción:FERRITE CORE SOLID 14MM
  • En stock:51683
782013125280 Image
7427248 Image
ESD-R-25D-8 Image
  • Parte#:ESD-R-25D-8
  • Fabricantes:KEMET
  • Descripción:FERRITE CORE SOLID 15MM
  • En stock:20532
FB43-422-RC Image
ZCAT2017-0930-M Image
ESD-R-25S Image
  • Parte#:ESD-R-25S
  • Fabricantes:KEMET
  • Descripción:FERRITE CORE SOLID 15MM
  • En stock:31603
74270182 Image
74270095 Image
FB73-287 Image
28R0756-200 Image
7427154S Image
ESD-R-47B Image
  • Parte#:ESD-R-47B
  • Fabricantes:KEMET
  • Descripción:FERRITE CORE CLAMP 25.5MM
  • En stock:6072
28R1457-400 Image
28B0473-000 Image
782013150285 Image
74270036 Image
74270115 Image
AB4X2X8W Image
74270034 Image
28B1250-000 Image
28A0434-0A2 Image
742701121 Image
FSRH021049RNB01B Image
742700726 Image

Núcleos de ferrita-cables y cableado739 Productos Encontrados