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Casa > Productos > Inductores, Bobinas, Chokes > Bobinas de carga inalámbricas

Bobinas de carga inalámbricas120 Productos Encontrados


Wurth Electronics Inc.

Descripción:RX 1 COIL 1 LAYER 11UH 2.5A
Wurth Electronics Inc.
Wurth Electronics Inc.- Wurth Electronics is a leading manufacturer of EMC and Inductive components including ferrites, ferrite beads, inductors, common-mode chokes, transformers, connectors, etc. With an international network of ISO certified production plants, distribution hubs and more than 400 technical salespeople, we supply your global activities from design to prototype to mass production. Wurth Elektronik offers our customers solutions beyond the component. Our company philosophy "more than you expect" is a commitment to engineering support. Expect more!
760308103205 Image
760308105 Image
1461792001 Image
WR222230-26M8-G Image
WR303050-12F5-ID Image
760308104119 Image
760308103305 Image
AWCCA-12R12H11-C01-B Image
1461798011 Image
WRM483245-15F5-5V-G2 Image
AWCCA-50N50H16-C51-B Image
760308101 Image
WT-505060-20K2-A10-G Image
AWCCA-42R38H08-C03-B Image
AWCCA-53N53H50-C01-B Image
AWCCA-26R26H08-C01-B Image
IWTX47R0BEEB6R3J11 Image
IWAS3827ECEB100J50 Image
AWCCA-53N53H50-C02-B Image
760308101219 Image
WR221230-36M8-G Image
1461791001 Image
IWAS4832FFEB9R7J50 Image
WT-525225-20K2-A1-G Image
AWCCA-50N50H35-C02-B Image
WR444030-16F3-G Image
760308141 Image
760308101216 Image
WT-1005660-12K2-A6-G Image
WT202012-15F2-ID Image
SWC5547AK120-500 Image
760308201 Image
760308103206 Image
760308100141 Image
RWC5050AK060-500 Image
760308103203 Image
WT1005690-12K2-A6-G Image
2117 Image
2114 Image
1461798001 Image
AWCCA-47R38H08-C01-B Image
760308102142 Image
RWC5353EJ240-500 Image
760308103202 Image
760308100111 Image
1461790001 Image
760308100110 Image
WR202010-18M8-SM Image
AWCCA-48R32H11-C01-B Image

Bobinas de carga inalámbricas120 Productos Encontrados