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Casa > Productos > Kits > Kits de condensadores

Kits de condensadores386 Productos Encontrados


Johanson Dielectrics Inc.

Descripción:CAP KIT CERAMIC 1UF-100UF 590PCS
Johanson Dielectrics Inc.
Johanson Dielectrics Inc.- Johanson Dielectrics, Inc. has over 30 years experience supplying high quality ceramic chip capacitors to customers around the world. Our business philosophy is simple: Grow profitably by totally satisfying our customers' requirements for high quality, technologically advanced ceramic electronic components.
This means maintaining an intense focus in the areas of product development, new material technology advancements, automated manufacturing techniques and state of the art statistical process analysis and control systems.
Put our experience to work for you today!
S-TAN-X5R Image
C-HC01-E3-KIT Image
KITSQ900LF Image
KITSQ1300LF Image
CER ENG KIT 09 Image
  • Parte#:CER ENG KIT 09
  • Fabricantes:KEMET
  • Descripción:CAP KIT CERAMIC 0.01UF-1UF 200PC
  • En stock:13
S603DS Image
PS-5906 Image
  • Parte#:PS-5906
  • Fabricantes:Eaton
  • Descripción:CAP KIT SUPERCAP 22F-50F 6PCS
  • En stock:4377
Q15758 Image
ACCU-P 0402KIT03 Image
890334 Image
KIT5000UZ Image
KITSQ003LF Image
PS-5903 Image
  • Parte#:PS-5903
  • Fabricantes:Eaton
  • Descripción:CAP KIT SUPERCAP 0.22F-4.7F 24PC
  • En stock:3619
587-1794-KIT Image
MCM500VKIT2 Image
CGJ C0G E1 KIT Image
Q20902 Image
HTP ENG KIT 01 Image
  • Parte#:HTP ENG KIT 01
  • Fabricantes:KEMET
  • Descripción:CAP KIT CER 1500PF-220UF 200PCS
  • En stock:361
HI-CV CAP 1001 Image
KITUQ260LF Image
HI-CV CAP 1002 Image
AVS-F-KIT1 Image
C-HQ01-E24-KIT Image
KITSQ1200LF Image
CER ENG KIT 36 Image
  • Parte#:CER ENG KIT 36
  • Fabricantes:KEMET
  • Descripción:CAP KIT CERAMIC 0.4PF-2PF 850PCS
  • En stock:321
PS-5904 Image
  • Parte#:PS-5904
  • Fabricantes:Eaton
  • Descripción:CAP KIT SUPERCAP 0.1F-3.3F 38PCS
  • En stock:3853
SAMPLE KIT 1006 Image
KITUQ830LF Image
B3202X-KIT Image
CC040200000000000 Image
CER ENG KIT 24 Image
  • Parte#:CER ENG KIT 24
  • Fabricantes:KEMET
  • Descripción:CAP KIT CER 270PF-0.47UF 1275PCS
  • En stock:347
CER ENG KIT 31 Image
  • Parte#:CER ENG KIT 31
  • Fabricantes:KEMET
  • Descripción:CAP KIT CERAMIC 10PF-10UF 1150PC
  • En stock:558
ACCU-P 0201KIT03 Image

Kits de condensadores386 Productos Encontrados