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Convertidores de corriente alterna15546 Productos Encontrados


Artesyn Embedded Technologies

Artesyn Embedded Technologies
Artesyn Embedded Technologies- Artesyn Embedded Technologies is a global leader in the design and manufacture of highly reliable power conversion and embedded computing solutions for a wide range of industries including communications, computing, medical, military, aerospace and industrial automation. For more than 40 years, customers have trusted Artesyn to help them accelerate time-to-market and reduce risk with cost-effective advanced network computing and power conversion solutions. Embracing the well-known Astec brand, Artesyn’s extensive ac-dc and dc-dc standard product portfolio covers a wide range of form factors, with many models offering medical approval and built-in intelligence.
MP4-2K-2K-00 Image
MP4-1D-1E-1E-1N-4LL-00 Image
IMP4-3V0-2V0-33-A Image
MP6-2S-00 Image
MP6-2W-2W-4NN-03 Image
RAC15-05SB-E-ST Image
GB60S48K Image
IMP4E-3W-1P-1E-00-A Image
MP6-2W-1E-1N-1Q-0M Image
ZWS75AF12 Image
MP1-3W-1M-1M-03 Image
MP6-2L-1D-1E-LLE-00 Image
PJ-24V100WLNA Image
UMP4C-S2Q-S2Q-S2Q-60-A Image
MDR-20-5 Image
IMP4-1N0-1N0-00-A Image
IVS1-3Q0-3Q0-00-A Image
HWS50-48/A Image
GLC75AG Image
SWF100P-24 Image
  • Parte#:SWF100P-24
  • Fabricantes:Sanken
  • Descripción:AC/DC CONVERTER 24V 100W
  • En stock:1012
FVA100018A Image
CSS65A-15 Image
SWS60048/CO2 Image
HC48-1-A+ Image
VBM-360-12 Image
  • Parte#:VBM-360-12
  • Fabricantes:CUI Inc.
  • Descripción:AC/DC CONVERTER 12V 360W
  • En stock:267
IVS3-5Q0-5Q0-3Q0-2Q0-1E0-40-A Image
VSBU-120-T312A Image
RWS150B24 Image
ABC150-1T12G Image
IMP4-1L0-1Y0-07-A Image
HC12-3.4-A+G Image
ZWS150AF36 Image
MVAB120-28-01 Image
IMP4-1E0-1Q0-1Q0-4ED0-4LL0-21-A Image
MP4-2V-1E-1Q-4LL-00 Image
MP6-2N-2W-4EE-00 Image
NLP40-7629J Image
HWS15A-15/A Image

Convertidores de corriente alterna15546 Productos Encontrados