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Signal Transformer

La description:SCREW 4-40 FOR ST/DST SER 100PC
Signal Transformer
Signal Transformer- Signal Transformer manufactures transformers, chokes, inductors and custom or modified standard products. A revolutionary idea brought to fruition by the founders of Signal Transformer standardized the power conversion industry. Before this revolution, even the most simplistic transformer components were procured through complex channels. By offering a multitude of readily available design platforms that could be selected from a catalog and ordered with one phone call, Signal forever transformed the world. Related product brands include: Bel, Bel Fuse, Bel Power Solutions, Cinch Connectivity Solutions, Stewart Connector, TRP Connector.
Expanding on this revolution, Signal Transformer soon led the industry with custom tailored design solutions through direct engineering support. Today Signal offers not only the most comprehensive line of certified standard power conversion products, with our vast engineering, manufacturing and regulatory resources; Signal Transformer excels in the design and manufacturer of cost effective, specialized platforms.
PH-25-Y Image
PH-31-B Image
2277569 Image
METC-99 Image
  • Partie#:METC-99
  • Fabricants:Tamura
  • En stock:4204
PH-31-W Image
PH-31-G Image
2277608 Image
PH-25-G Image
2277556 Image
PH-31-Y Image
2942742 Image
2277530 Image
58005 Image
  • Partie#:58005
  • Fabricants:Amgis, LLC
  • La description:RUBBER GASKET 148MM
  • En stock:20685
PH-31-A Image
2277543 Image
SP-310-B Image
58011 Image
  • Partie#:58011
  • Fabricants:Amgis, LLC
  • La description:METAL DISK 145MM
  • En stock:5528
PH-25-B Image
ST-MN Image
2277572 Image
PH-25-W Image
SP-310 Image
2277585 Image
PH-31-R Image
2277598 Image
PH-25-R Image
749002 Image
PH-25-A Image

Accessoires47 Produits trouvés