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Dom > proizvodi > Napajanja - Ugradnja na ploči > LED pogonima

LED pogonima141 Proizvodi Pronađeno


Recom Power

Recom Power
Recom Power- When it comes to power conversion, RECOM Power’s attentiveness to customers’ needs and wishes is reflected in the framework that shapes their business. Over the past decade, millions have been invested in product development, growing their quality assurance lab, and expanding the scope of worldwide distribution activities. This means they are always close to customers’ production facilities around the globe, offering the most reliable products available in today’s market ... with top-notch support – and, of course, competitive prices.
RCD-24-0.30 Image
RCD-24-0.50/PL/A-R Image
LDU4860S150 Image
LDU2430S1000 Image
LDU2430S500 Image
RCD-24-0.50/VREF Image
RCD-24-0.30/PL/B-R Image
7021-D-I-350 Image
RCD-24-0.35 Image
LDU4860S350 Image
RCD-24-1.00 Image
3021-A-I-350 Image
VLD25-600-DIP Image
7021-D-N-350 Image
LTM8040IV#PBF Image
LDU2430S600 Image
LDU0830S350 Image
7021-D-E-1000 Image
RCD-24-0.50/PL/A Image
LDU4860S300 Image
7021-D-N-500 Image
RCD-24-1.00/PL/A Image
VLD25-600-SMT-TR Image
7021-D-E-350 Image
RCD-24-0.30/PL/A-R Image
LDU5660S700 Image
LDU2030S600 Image
RCD-24-0.35/SMD/OF Image
RCD-24-0.60/PL/B-R Image
RCD-24-0.50/SMD/OF Image
VLD24-500 Image
  • Dio#:VLD24-500
  • Proizvođači:CUI Inc.
  • Opis:LED SUPPLY CC BUCK 2-30V 500MA
  • Na lageru:4140
RCD-24-0.60/VREF Image
VLD25-500-SMT-TR Image
LDU5660S300 Image
LTM8042IV-1#PBF Image
RCD-24-0.70 Image
VLD25-350-SMT-TR Image
LDU4860S1000 Image
3021-A-E-350 Image
3021-A-E-1000 Image
LDU2430S700 Image
3021-A-N-500 Image
7021-D-N-1000 Image
RCD-24-0.30/SMD/OF Image
VLD25-500-DIP Image
RCD-24-0.60/PL/B Image
3021-A-N-350 Image
RCD-24-0.70/PL/B Image
RCD-24-0.50 Image
3021-A-I-1000 Image

LED pogonima141 Proizvodi Pronađeno