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RF vrednovanje i razvoj kits, odbora4943 Proizvodi Pronađeno


Microwave Technology Inc.

Microwave Technology Inc.
Microwave Technology Inc.- MicroWave Technology, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of RF & microwave discrete semiconductor products, GaAs and GaN RF power amplifiers, low noise pHEMT devices, MMICs, wireless amplifiers, hybrid modules, and connectorized microwave amplifiers.
Located in California’s Silicon Valley, MicroWave Technology, Inc. (MwT) was founded in 1982 by technical principals with broad experience in Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) device design and fabrication. With a factory occupying 35,000 square feet, the company’s principal assets include both its GaAs semiconductor fab and a hybrid chip and wire microwave integrated circuit (HMIC) manufacturing facility. The vertical manufacturing and product strength provide MwT uncommon flexibility and opportunity in the microwave component marketplace.
MwT is a leading U.S. based merchant manufacturer of discrete Gallium Arsenide diodes and transistors (FETs, pHEMTs, and Gunn Diodes). Early work focusing on device reliability resulted in proprietary metallization systems which make MwT’s devices impervious to hydrogen contamination, now an item of great concern to the high-reliability industry. These devices employ proprietary epi material and quarter micron recessed gate process technology, which result in highly linear (+48 dBm IP3 in a 1 W P-1 dB Wireless Amp) and low phase noise (-125 dBc @ 100 KHz Offset in a 17.5 GHz DRO) devices with power outputs ranging from 10 milliwatts to 5 watts. These devices, sold as chips or in packages, find wide use in the amplification of signals from 10 MHz to 40 GHz in the transmission or reception of information in wireless infrastructure systems, industrial RF applications, and in various defense and space electronics.
By taking advantage of the low intermodulation distortion characteristics of MwT’s GaAs FETs, the company has enjoyed a growing reputation for its product line of small internally matched modular surface mount transmit and receive amplifier modules aimed at multi-carrier and/or digitally modulated (high linearity) wireless infrastructure and military communication systems. Principal applications are as receiver front ends and as driver or picocell output amplifiers in cellular, PCS and WLL base station and military high reliability communication. Noteworthy new products have extremely low input and output return loss providing ease of gain insertion in highly critical high linearity power amplifier cascades. MwT offers its high-reliability proven thin film circuit processing capability to both internal and external customer’s usage. Employing thin film hybrid microcircuit construction, MwT produces and markets various standard modular amplifier products to 26 GHz. These modules are also building elements for MwT to design and manufacture standard as well as custom connectorized amplifiers for defense and telecommunication applications.
MwT has many years of experience creating specialized designs for customers and has a vast library of custom designs based on MwT devices. MwT uses both its standard and custom versions of its parts to produce specialized amplifiers and board level products. Our proven experience and track record can help you save design cost, time, and engineering resource. Examples include low frequency LNA, Wireless LNA booster amplifier, Integrated building blocks, high frequency oscillators, evaluation boards and test fixtures.
MMA-273336-R5EVB Image
WAB-GW-GS1500M Image
SKY65405-21-EVB Image
EVK-L20 Image
W3006-K Image
EVAL-433-LC Image
EVB-Z100S1AFC-2 Image
DVK-PRM113 Image
4463CPCE27F868 Image
MMA-283136-R5EVB Image
ADL5541-EVALZ Image
  • Dio#:AS3932 DK
  • Proizvođači:ams
  • Na lageru:94
ACC-ZDB5101-U2 Image
XK-A11-SK-W Image
ATAB5744-S3 Image
OM7805/BGU7008,598 Image
317990029 Image
EZ430-RF2480 Image
  • Dio#:EZ430-RF2480
  • Proizvođači:N/A
  • Opis:KIT DEMO FOR CC2480
  • Na lageru:4680
124022-HMC799LP3E Image
SKY13377-313LF-EVB Image
GS1011MEE-EVK2-S2W-WEB Image
A2500R24A-EM1 Image
105408-HMC425LP3 Image
TEIK002 Image
ZMN2405DK Image
TDGL012 Image
EV1HMC253AQS24 Image
MDEV-900-TT Image
DA14580A3DB-P Image
ZMN2400DK Image
A000133 Image
  • Dio#:A000133
  • Proizvođači:Arduino
  • Na lageru:1382
  • Dio#:CC1000DK-433
  • Proizvođači:N/A
  • Opis:KIT DEV FOR CC1000 433MHZ
  • Na lageru:4247
3027 Image
WLNG-EK-DP551 Image
  • Dio#:DK-BC-6130-1A
  • Proizvođači:N/A
  • Na lageru:129

RF vrednovanje i razvoj kits, odbora4943 Proizvodi Pronađeno