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Otthon > Termékek > Integrált áramkörök (IC-k) > Adatgyűjtés - digitális potenciométerek

Adatgyűjtés - digitális potenciométerek5076 Products Found


Analog Devices Inc.

Analog Devices Inc.
Analog Devices Inc.- Analog Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADI) defines innovation and excellence in signal processing. ADI's analog, mixed-signal, and digital signal processing (DSP) integrated circuits (IC) play a fundamental role in converting, conditioning, and processing real-world phenomena such as light, sound, temperature, motion, and pressure into electrical signals to be used in a wide array of electronic equipment. ADI is synonymous with high performance among electronics manufacturers and we collaborate with our customers to define the very best in the quality of the user experience. That means the clearest image, crispest sound, and optimum interface, size and performance in thousands of entertainment, medical, communications, industrial and other applications.
Analog Devices, Inc. has completed its acquisition of Hittite Microwave Corporation. Hittite will be part of ADI’s RF and Microwave Group (RFMG).
Analog Devices, Inc. acquires Linear Technology: With the combined 80 years of technology excellence, ADI becomes "The Premier Global Analog Technology Company". This new comprehensive portfolio gives customers an edge by market leading position, innovation, and commitment. More Information
AD5248BRMZ50-RL7 Image
MAX5452EUB+ Image
MCP4142-104E/SN Image
MCP4652-103E/UN Image
X9409WV24-2.7T1 Image
X9269UV24I-2.7 Image
X9421YS16I-2.7T1 Image
AD5242BRU100 Image
X9511WSIZT1 Image
X9429YV14I-2.7T1 Image
MCP4011-502E/SN Image
MCP4241T-104E/ST Image
X9C102SIT2 Image
  • Rész#:X9C102SIT2
  • Gyártók:Intersil
  • Leírás:IC XDCP 100-TAP 1K EE 8-SOIC
  • Raktáron:3903
X9221AYST1 Image
  • Rész#:X9221AYST1
  • Gyártók:Intersil
  • Leírás:IC XDCP DUAL 2K 2-WIRE 20-SOIC
  • Raktáron:4595
DS1848B-050+ Image
CAT5419WI-50-T1 Image
AD5241BRU1M-REEL7 Image
X9268US24I Image
  • Rész#:X9268US24I
  • Gyártók:Intersil
  • Leírás:IC XDCP DUAL 256TAP 50K 24-SOIC
  • Raktáron:4079
CAT5171TBI-00GT3 Image
X9317WM8IZ Image
  • Rész#:X9317WM8IZ
  • Gyártók:Intersil
  • Leírás:IC XDCP SGL 100TAP 10K 8-MSOP
  • Raktáron:14779
X9317TV8IZ Image
  • Rész#:X9317TV8IZ
  • Gyártók:Intersil
  • Leírás:IC XDCP 100TAP 100K 3WIRE 8TSSOP
  • Raktáron:12384
AD5247BKS50-R2 Image
MCP4631T-104E/ML Image
X9315UMI-2.7 Image
CAT5137SDI-00GT3 Image
X9410WS24ZT1 Image
AD8403ARU1 Image
X9110TV14Z-2.7 Image
MCP4452-502E/ST Image
AD5241BRU10 Image
X9400WV24Z-2.7T1 Image
X93156UM8IZ-2.7T1 Image
X9317UPI-2.7 Image
MCP4142T-104E/SN Image
X9401WS24ZT1 Image
CAT5419WI-00-T1 Image
MAX5454EUB+ Image
X9C503SI Image
  • Rész#:X9C503SI
  • Gyártók:Intersil
  • Leírás:IC DIGITAL POT 50K 100TP 8SOIC
  • Raktáron:4447
CAT5401YI-10-T2 Image
ADN2860ACPZ250-RL7 Image
X9400WV24 Image
  • Rész#:X9400WV24
  • Gyártók:Intersil
  • Leírás:IC DCP QUAD 10K 64TP 24TSSOP
  • Raktáron:3966
X9428YS16ZT1 Image
DS1804Z-C10+T&R Image
MCP4021-103E/MS Image
X9428YS16 Image
  • Rész#:X9428YS16
  • Gyártók:Intersil
  • Leírás:IC XDCP SGL 64-TAP 2K 16-SOIC
  • Raktáron:4124
ISL23318WFRUZ-T7A Image
AD5263BRUZ20 Image
MCP4331-103E/ST Image
X9400WV24IZ-2.7T1 Image
ISL95711UIU10Z-T Image

Adatgyűjtés - digitális potenciométerek5076 Products Found