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Baile > Táirgí > Toilleoirí > Toilleoirí Sraith Dúbailte Leictreach (EDLC), supe

Toilleoirí Sraith Dúbailte Leictreach (EDLC), supe932 Products Found


Illinois Capacitor

Tuairisc:CAP 150F -20%, +50% 2.5V T/H
Illinois Capacitor
Illinois CapacitorIllinois Capacitor is a leading manufacturer of miniature capacitors for electronics, lighting, energy and other markets. These products include: aluminum electrolytic, metalized film, power film, supercapacitors (ultra capacitors) and other types. IC is one of the world’s most experienced capacitor manufacturers, well known for its benchmark quality, guaranteed delivery and responsive engineering support.
157DER2R5SCP Image
JJD0E108MSED Image
EEC-F5R5U155 Image
DMF3Z5R5H474M3DTA0 Image
DZN-2R5D506T Image
BZ013A703ZSB Image
XV3550-2R7307-R Image
PHB-5R0V155-R Image
PM-5R0H474-R Image
  • Cuid #:PM-5R0H474-R
  • monaróirí:Eaton
  • Tuairisc:CAP 470MF -20% +80% 5V T/H
  • I stoc:6015
ESHSP-0600C0-002R7 Image
XB3550-2R5307-R Image
EEC-RG0V155VN Image
PAS414HR-VE5R Image
BMOD0165 P048 C01 Image
DXJ-5R5V224U Image
506DCR2R3SKV Image
PB-5R0V104-R Image
  • Cuid #:PB-5R0V104-R
  • monaróirí:Eaton
  • Tuairisc:CAP 100MF -20% +80% 5V T/H
  • I stoc:17229
EEC-HL0E506 Image
DS-2R5H224U-HL Image
PAS1016LS2R5205 Image
EDLSG105V5R5C Image
JJC0E826MELA Image
SCCX50B207VSB Image
EEC-HW0D335 Image
KR-5R5V104-R Image
  • Cuid #:KR-5R5V104-R
  • monaróirí:Eaton
  • Tuairisc:CAP 100MF -20% +80% 5.5V T/H
  • I stoc:34362
DVS-3R6D473T-R5 Image
B0510-2R5224 Image
  • Cuid #:B0510-2R5224
  • monaróirí:Eaton
  • Tuairisc:CAP 220MF -20% +80% 2.5V T/H
  • I stoc:4752
EEC-S5R5H155 Image
KW-5R5C104-R Image
  • Cuid #:KW-5R5C104-R
  • monaróirí:Eaton
  • Tuairisc:CAP 100MF -20% +80% 5.5V T/H
  • I stoc:14039
JJC0E396MELZ Image
FG0H104ZF Image
  • Cuid #:FG0H104ZF
  • monaróirí:KEMET
  • Tuairisc:CAP 100MF -20% +80% 5.5V T/H
  • I stoc:29637
TV1635-3R0356-R Image
105DER2R5SFN Image
B0830-2R5475 Image
  • Cuid #:B0830-2R5475
  • monaróirí:Eaton
  • Tuairisc:CAP 4.7F -20% +80% 2.5V T/H
  • I stoc:3954
DX-5R5H334U Image
DB-5R5D155T Image
PC10-90 Image
DB-5R5D104T Image
DX-5R5H473U Image

Toilleoirí Sraith Dúbailte Leictreach (EDLC), supe932 Products Found