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t-Global Technology

説明:TG6050 SHEET 300X300X2MM
t-Global Technology
t-Global Technology- t-Global Technology is a leading manufacturer and supplier of thermal management solutions. t-Global manufactures materials in their state of art facilities in Taiwan and the UK. Their broad product portfolio covers silicone and non-silicone gap fillers, silicone and non-silicone putties, ceramic heat spreaders, combined thermal and EMI absorbers and a wide selection of die-cut insulators. Taiwan is the central location for new product development and research and the UK takes responsibility for complex engineering projects, rapid prototyping and dispensing technology. t-Global’s philosophy is based around a very short lead-time and low MOQ’s, which translates into rapid prototyping and a short time to market.
TG6050-300-300-2.0-0 Image
H48-2-640-320-1.0-0 Image
H48-6C-320-320-2.0-1A Image
SUPERTHERMAL-C128-05-00-1300-1300 Image
EYG-A091201RV Image
L37-3L-640-320-10.0-1A Image
EYG-S1012ZLSH Image
H48-6C-150-150-3.0-0 Image
EYG-A091207V Image
DC0011/09-TI900-0.12 Image
TG4040-320-320-5.0-0 Image
L37-3S-320-320-10.0-1A Image
  • モデル:5514-25
  • メーカー:3M
  • 株式:25
EYG-S0204ZLSN Image
L37-3S-150-150-2.0-1A Image
L37-3L-150-150-10.0-1A Image
5549S 210 MM X 155MM X 2.0 MM Image
EYG-T7070A10A Image
L37-3-20-20-0.5 Image
L37-3S-50-32-1 Image
EYG-N0912QB3S Image
TG6050-100-100-2.0-0 Image
Q3-0.005-00-05 Image
5583S 210 MM X 300 MM 1.0 MM Image
DC0022/02-TI900-0.12-2A Image
H48-6G-50-10-0.8-1A Image
1009-54 Image
  • モデル:1009-54
  • メーカー:Bergquist
  • 説明:HEAT SINK PAD TO-220
  • 株式:267104
H48-6A-640-320-3.0-0 Image
EYG-A091202DM Image
PC99AL-300-300-0.1-0 Image
LI98C-50M-320-0.25 Image
EYG-A121807DM Image
H48-2-640-320-3.0-0 Image
TGX-320-320-2.0-0 Image
DC0001/08-PC99-0.06 Image
TG6050-25-20-5 Image