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API Delevan Inc.

説明:FIXED IND 390NH 1.1A 118 MOHM
API Delevan Inc.
API Delevan Inc.- API Delevan designs, manufactures, and markets an extensive line of quality inductors, chokes, and coils to satisfy various electrical filtering requirements. The Group concentrates on producing high performance inductive devices to meet stringent government and customer specifications relating to high product quality and reliability.
PE-53604NL Image
PM3316-4R7M Image
CIH03T27NJNC Image
SPM10040XT-R68M Image
UP4B-2R2-R Image
  • モデル:UP4B-2R2-R
  • メーカー:Eaton
  • 説明:FIXED IND 2.2UH 12A 4.8 MOHM SMD
  • 株式:49839
S1210R-681J Image
PM1210-R33J Image
NLV32T-120J-EFD Image
MLK1005SR16JT000 Image
AIUR-04-471J Image
5725 Image
  • モデル:5725
  • メーカー:Bourns Inc.
  • 説明:FIXED IND 8MH 1A 3.34 OHM TH
  • 株式:3651
ISC1812ER3R3K Image
B82464A4485K Image
1276AS-H-1R5M=P2 Image
RL622-820K-RC Image
SRP1270-3R3M Image
PM43-100M Image
LQG15WZ1N6C02D Image
LQW15AN25NJ80D Image
P1171.273NLT Image
SPM3015T-1R0M Image
9250-126 Image
  • モデル:9250-126
  • メーカー:Bourns Inc.
  • 説明:FIXED IND 12MH 23MA 143 OHM TH
  • 株式:4733
SRR6028-680Y Image
1120-121K Image
CDRH104RNP-820NC Image
1812-180M Image
784383230068 Image
PM3316-471M-RC Image
PA4343.221NLT Image
MLG0603S3N6BTD25 Image
LQW15AN43NH00D Image
LQG15HH4N7C02D Image
PA4333.152NLT Image