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まず  ページ > プロダクト > オプトエレクトロニクス > ディスプレイモジュール - 真空蛍光(VFD)

ディスプレイモジュール - 真空蛍光(VFD)191製品を見つけました


Noritake Company Inc.

Noritake Company Inc.
Noritake Company Inc.- Noritake Co., Inc. manufactures a full line of vacuum fluorescent display modules in both dot matrix and graphic formats. Most popular items are stocked in the U.S. for immediate delivery, including a new series of drop-in-replacements for LCD modules. Noritake started business in 1904 and in 1967, Dr. Tadashi Nakamura invented the VFD. Today Noritake offers industry the most advanced VFD technology. ISO 9001 Certified.
GU256X64C-3900 Image
GU128X128D-3900B Image
CU20029-TE200K Image
M0216SD-162SDAR2-1 Image
GU140X32F-7003 Image
VK202-25-VPT Image
CU40025SCPB-W6J Image
D0420SD-42-2001FN Image
CU24043-Y100 Image
GU256X64C-3900B Image
GU280X16G-7002 Image
CU16029-UW1J Image
CU20027-Y1A Image
M0120SD-201MDBR1-1 Image
VK204-25-V Image
GU140X16J-7000B Image
C25-0629 Image
D0420SD-53-4001FN Image
VK202-25-E Image
GU256X128E-3900 Image
GU140X16G-7003 Image
D0106LT-43-0601 Image
VK202-25 Image
CU20045SCPB-W5J Image
CU20027-YX1A Image
CU20029-UW1J Image
CU20045-UW5J Image
GU256X128C-3900 Image
VK204-25-E Image
GU160X16-800A Image
GU256X64-372 Image
CU16025-UW6J Image
CU200211-Y1A Image
CU22042-Y100 Image
GU140X16J-7000 Image
CU24063-Y100 Image
M0216MD-162MDBR2-J Image
VK162-12-VPT Image
CU22042-Y1A Image

ディスプレイモジュール - 真空蛍光(VFD)191製品を見つけました