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Alpha Wire

Alpha Wire
Alpha Wire- Alpha Wire designs and manufactures wire, cable, tubing, and accessories for a broad range of applications and markets to help customers solve critical production and manufacturing challenges. Combining the highest quality with legendary customer service, Alpha products mean peace of mind. Alpha Wire’s flagship line of Xtra-Guard® High-Performance cables offer superior performance in demanding environments, while the new EcoGen™ product line offers an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional PVC wire and cable. Alpha FIT® line of heat-shrink tubing and wire management offers reliable ways to seal and protect electrical and electronic wiring. With 12 product families encompassing more than 50,000 products available worldwide, Alpha is dedicated to providing the right product for every application.
FITFAB-10 BK008 Image
H2F0.79BK25 Image
HFT5000-50/25-0-SP Image
H2F2.36BK Image
  • 부품#:H2F2.36BK
  • 제조사:Techflex
  • 기술:2:1 FAB HEATSHRINK BLK 60MM 100'
  • 재고:129
HFT5000-30/15-0-SP Image
FITFAB-2 BK007 Image
FITFAB-10 BK005 Image
FITFAB-8 BK004 Image
H2F0.48BK25 Image
HFT5000-40/20-0-SP Image
FITFAB-3 BK004 Image
FITFAB-7 BK005 Image
FITFAB-9 BK007 Image
FITFAB-6 BK005 Image
FITFAB-3 BK007 Image
HFT5000-80/40-0-SP Image
HFT5000-100/50-0-SP Image
H2F1.38BK25 Image
FITFAB-4 BK004 Image
FITFAB-5 BK008 Image
FITFAB-4 BK007 Image
H2F1.97BK Image
  • 부품#:H2F1.97BK
  • 제조사:Techflex
  • 기술:2:1 FAB HEATSHRINK BLK 50MM 100'
  • 재고:162
H2F1.38BK Image
  • 부품#:H2F1.38BK
  • 제조사:Techflex
  • 기술:2:1 FAB HEATSHRINK BLK 35MM 100'
  • 재고:3875
H2F2.75BK25 Image
H2F3.15BK Image
  • 부품#:H2F3.15BK
  • 제조사:Techflex
  • 기술:2:1 FAB HEATSHRINK BLK 80MM 100'
  • 재고:4637
H2F2.75BK Image
  • 부품#:H2F2.75BK
  • 제조사:Techflex
  • 기술:2:1 FAB HEATSHRINK BLK 70MM 100'
  • 재고:127
H2F0.48BK Image
  • 부품#:H2F0.48BK
  • 제조사:Techflex
  • 기술:2:1 FAB HEATSHRINK BLK 12MM 100'
  • 재고:319

열 수축 직물86 제품 찾기