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온도 센서-rtd (저항 온도 검출기)174 제품 찾기


US Sensor

기술:PLATINUM RTD 1K OHM +/-0.24%
US Sensor
US Sensor- U.S. Sensor is a world class manufacturer of the highest quality thermistors as well as thermistor probes and assemblies . Our products are produced using proprietary state of the art processing techniques resulting in superior long term reliability. Our wide range of products include DO-35 Glass Encapsulated thermistors, highly accurate Precision Interchangeable thermistors, SMT thermistors, custom thermistor probes and assemblies and RTD’s and RTD assemblies designed to meet the most demanding applications.
U.S. Sensor’s products are used in the Consumer Electronics, Industrial Electronics, Medical, Military and Aerospace, Food Handling/Processing and Communication and Instrumentation markets. UL Recognition was awarded to U.S. Sensor for a complete line of DO-35 Glass Encapsulated Thermistors and for a series of Surface Temperature Sensing Ring Lug Style thermistor assemblies.
PPG102C2 Image
  • 부품#:PPG102C2
  • 제조사:US Sensor
  • 기술:PLATINUM RTD 1K OHM +/-0.24%
  • 재고:4785
TD4A Image
HEL-777-A-T-0 Image
R-8580-360 Image
34015121 Image
701-101BAB-B00 Image
  • 부품#:USW2883
  • 제조사:US Sensor
  • 기술:RTD PROBE 500 OHM +/-0.12%
  • 재고:20618
HEL-705-U-1-12-C2 Image
HEL-705-U-0-24-00 Image
SB0863 Image
SB0765 Image
701-102BAB-B00 Image
PTS0805M1B100RP100 Image
R-2428 Image
HEL-707-U-1-12-00 Image
SB0864 Image
HEL-705-T-1-12-00 Image
HEL-707-T-0-12-00 Image
SB0874 Image
USW3483 Image
  • 부품#:USW3483
  • 제조사:US Sensor
  • 기술:RTD PROBE 1K OHM .06% NPT
  • 재고:567
PPG501B1 Image
  • 부품#:PPG501B1
  • 제조사:US Sensor
  • 기술:PLATINUM RTD 500 OHM +/-0.12%
  • 재고:22854
700-101BAA-B00 Image
32208572 Image
SB0862 Image
PPG102C1 Image
  • 부품#:PPG102C1
  • 제조사:US Sensor
  • 기술:PLATINUM RTD 1K OHM +/-0.24%
  • 재고:14804
HEL-776-A-U-1 Image
32208414 Image
R-1630 Image
32207695 Image
701-101BAA-B00 Image
TD5A Image
USW2295 Image
  • 부품#:USW2295
  • 제조사:US Sensor
  • 기술:RTD PROBE 100 OHM 0.24% LUG
  • 재고:1413
32207582 Image
32207691 Image
32205108 Image
PPG102B2 Image
  • 부품#:PPG102B2
  • 제조사:US Sensor
  • 기술:PLATINUM RTD 1K OHM +/-0.12%
  • 재고:3818
HEL-775-A-T-1 Image
R-8204 Image

온도 센서-rtd (저항 온도 검출기)174 제품 찾기