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Huis > producten > Geïntegreerde schakelingen (IC's) > Klok / Timing - Real Time Clocks

Klok / Timing - Real Time Clocks1838 producten gevonden


Maxim Integrated

Maxim Integrated
Maxim Integrated- The market is evolving. The rules are changing. To keep your time to market short, you need integration at every level—from silicon to the supply chain.
Count on Maxim Integrated to help you overcome design and architectural challenges, with integrated solutions for the industrial, medical, consumer, automotive, energy, computing, and communications realms.
Maxim Integrated is also your source for power, interface, and even digital products that work in the analog world. And they’re glad to support you with reference designs, tools, technical documents, packaging, and more. We invite you to explore their latest analog integration offerings.
DS1305N+ Image
DS1392U-33+ Image
DS1251YP-70IND+ Image
BQ4285EP Image
  • Deel#:BQ4285EP
  • fabrikanten:N/A
  • Beschrijving:IC RTC CLK/CALENDAR PAR 24-DIP
  • Op voorraad:177
DS1685E-5+T&R Image
BQ4845YS-A4 Image
  • Deel#:BQ4845YS-A4
  • fabrikanten:N/A
  • Beschrijving:IC RTC CLK/CALENDAR PAR 28-SOIC
  • Op voorraad:11426
RX-4045SA:AA3 Image
  • Deel#:RX-4045SA:AA3
  • fabrikanten:EPSON
  • Beschrijving:IC RTC CLK/CALENDAR SPI 14-SOP
  • Op voorraad:14713
DS1501YS Image
DS1374C-3# Image
DS1371U+ Image
X1288S16I-2.7A Image
DS1743W-150+ Image
RX8900SA:UB0 PURE SN Image
ISL12059IBZ-T Image
ISL12024IVZ Image
  • Deel#:ISL12024IVZ
  • fabrikanten:Intersil
  • Beschrijving:IC RTC CLK/CALENDAR I2C 8-TSSOP
  • Op voorraad:26534
DS1501WSN Image
DS1554-70+ Image
RA-4574SA:B3 PURE SN Image
M48T201V-85MH1E Image
DS1374C-3#T&R Image
DS1306E Image
MCP7940N-E/SN Image
ISL12028IB27AZ Image
1339C-31SRI8 Image
ISL12026AIBZ-T Image
DS1603+ Image
ISL12058IBZ Image
  • Deel#:ISL12058IBZ
  • fabrikanten:Intersil
  • Beschrijving:IC RTC CLK/CALENDAR I2C 8-SOIC
  • Op voorraad:17613
DS1339C-33 Image
RTC-72423A3: PURE SN Image
DS1554WP-120+ Image
ISL12022MIBZ-T7A Image
PT7C4372ALEX Image
DS1338Z-18+T&R Image
DS1672S-3+ Image
DS1747P-70 Image
DS2417P+T&R Image
DS1685QN-5+ Image
PCF8563BS/4,118 Image
X1288S16T1 Image
  • Deel#:X1288S16T1
  • fabrikanten:Intersil
  • Beschrijving:IC RTC CLK/CALENDAR I2C 16-SOIC
  • Op voorraad:4430
DS1339C-33# Image
M48T18-150PC1 Image
BU9873F-GTE2 Image
DS1501YSN+T&R Image
DS1685-5-IND Image
PT7C4339WEX Image
DS17285S-3/T&R Image
DS1501WZN+ Image

Klok / Timing - Real Time Clocks1838 producten gevonden