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Huis > producten > Optoelectronics > LED verlichting - COB's, motoren, modules

LED verlichting - COB's, motoren, modules14227 producten gevonden


Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.

Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.
Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.- Samsung Semiconductor's business aims to achieve excellence as a long life, energy saving and eco-friendly light source supplier in displays and lighting applications. Samsung's advanced semiconductor manufacturing expertise serves as a strong foundation to deliver state-of-the-art LED devices. Samsung offers LED based lighting solutions in the form of back light units in display panels, exterior and dashboard lighting in automotives, lighting packages and engines with and without integrated optics, and drivers.
SL-B8V4N80L1WW Image
XHP70A-0S-04-0D0BN450E Image
CLU036-1208C1-403H7G5 Image
CXM-18-35-80-36-AA00-F2-3 Image
CXA1304-0000-000N0Y9430F Image
CXA3590-0000-000R0UAD50H Image
CXA3070-0000-000N0HAD50H Image
BXRC-27G1000-C-73-SE Image
CHM-18-35-90-36-AA00-F2-2 Image
CXA1512-0000-000N00M20E1 Image
CXA1820-0000-000N00Q20E5 Image
BXRC-50G4000-F-Z4 Image
CXB3070-0000-000N0HZ427G Image
SST-90-WWRM-F11-L3750 Image
CXB1512-0000-000N0HN450G Image
CHM-9-40-80-36-AC00-F2-2 Image
CXA1304-0000-000F00A40E7 Image
L2-TGW1-F Image
  • Deel#:L2-TGW1-F
  • fabrikanten:Bivar Inc.
  • Beschrijving:LED WARM WHT 3100K 2500MA
  • Op voorraad:3255
CXA1507-0000-000F0UF240F Image
BXRC-35G1000-C-72 Image
CXA3050-0000-000N0YU430H Image
SSR-90-G-R11-JG201 Image
CXA1310-0000-000F0UH20E5 Image
CLU036-1208C1-353M2G2 Image
CXA2540-0000-000N00W457F Image
CXA1816-0000-000N00P430F Image
BXRE-27E6500-H-23 Image
CXA2590-0000-000R00BB40F Image
CXA1507-0000-000N00F235H Image
BXRA-27G4000-H-00 Image
SST-90-W65S-F11-L3100 Image
XHP35A-0R-04-0D0BD430E Image
CLU028-1204C4-273H7K4 Image
CXB1310-0000-000F0HM235H Image

LED verlichting - COB's, motoren, modules14227 producten gevonden