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FTDI, Future Technology Devices International Ltd

Beskrivelse:CABLE USB RS232 PREMIUM 5M DB9
FTDI, Future Technology Devices International Ltd
FTDI, Future Technology Devices International Ltd- FTDI Chip develops innovative silicon solutions that enhance interaction with today’s technology. Through application of its “Design Made Easy” ethos, the company is able to support engineers with highly sophisticated, feature-rich, robust and simple-to-use product platforms.
FTDI Chip’s long-established, continuously expanding Universal Serial Bus (USB) product line boasts universally recognized products. The company’s Embedded Video Engine (EVE) graphic controllers each pack display, audio and touch functionality onto a single chip allowing dramatic reductions in the development time and bill-of-materials costs involved in Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) implementation. FTDI Chip also provides families of highly differentiated, speed-optimised microcontrollers with augmented connectivity.
FTDI Chip is a fab-less semiconductor company headquartered in Glasgow, UK, with research and development facilities located in Glasgow, Singapore and Taipei (Taiwan), plus regional sales and technical support sites in Glasgow, Taipei, Portland (Oregon, USA) and Shanghai (China). For more information go to
US232R-500-BULK Image
DA-70119-R Image
TTL-232R-3V3-AJ Image
US232R-10-BULK Image
TTL-234X-5V-WE Image
TTL-232R-3V3 Image
TTL-234X-5V-AJ Image
U206-006-R Image
USB-RS422-WE-5000-BT Image
USB NMC-2.5M Image
US232R-100-BULK Image
UT232R-200 Image
TTL-232RG-VREG3V3-WE Image
2881078 Image
US232B-100-KIT Image
TTL-232RG-VREG1V8-WE Image
TTL-232RG-VSW5V-WE Image
  • Del#:2200M-USB
  • produsenter:3M
  • Beskrivelse:USB TO RS232 CONVERTER
  • På lager:2162
AC102012-2 Image
U209-000-R Image
321010012 Image
UT232R-500 Image
TTL-232R-RPI Image
CHIPI-X10 Image
C232HD-DDHSP-0 Image
TTL-234X-3V3 Image
USB-RS232-WE-5000-BT_0.0 Image
TTL-234X-5V Image
  • Del#:U209-006-2
  • produsenter:Tripp Lite
  • Beskrivelse:2-PORT USB TO DB9 SERIAL FTDI AD
  • På lager:1197
US232B-100-BULK Image
DA-70119 Image
TTL-232R-5V-AJ Image
US232B/LC-BULK Image
C232HM-EDHSL-0 Image
USB-RS232-WE-1800-BT_3.3 Image
USB-RS232-WE-1800-BT_5.0 Image
USB-RS232-WE-1800-BT_0.0 Image
C232HM-DDHSL-0 Image
USB-RS422-WE-1800-BT Image
TTL-232RG-VIP-WE Image
USB-RS232-WE-5000-BT_3.3 Image
TTL-232R-5V-WE Image
C232HD-EDHSP-0 Image
USB-RS485-WE-5000-BT Image
AC102012-1 Image
TTL-232R-5V Image

Smart kabler64 produkter funnet