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Transistorer - Spesielt formål159 produkter funnet


Advanced Linear Devices Inc.

Beskrivelse:MOSFET DUAL SAB 10.6V EE 8SOIC
Advanced Linear Devices Inc.
Advanced Linear Devices Inc.- Advanced Linear Devices, Inc., (ALD) develops and manufactures ultra-low-power, precision CMOS analog integrated circuits, related board level products and Energy Harvesting Modules and accessories incorporating the company's exclusive EPAD® technology. ALD's standard semiconductor products include a full complement of "best-of-breed" ultra-low-charge-injection low-voltage analog switches, dual-slope A/D converters and digital processors, precision voltage comparators, precision rail-to-rail CMOS operational amplifiers, and low-drift CMOS timers with high discharge output, as well as an extensive selection of enhancement, depletion, and zero-threshold mode EPAD matched small signal MOSFET arrays.
ALD910017SAL Image
ALD910027SAL Image
BCV61,235 Image
PMD4003K,115 Image
BCV62B,235 Image
ALD810023SCLI Image
ALD910017SALI Image
PMD4001K,115 Image
ALD810016SCLI Image
STC08IE120HV Image
BCV61A,215 Image
CPH5905H-TL-E Image
ALD910023SAL Image
ALD810028SCLI Image
ALD810017SCLI Image
ALD910028SAL Image
PMD5003K,115 Image
STC03DE170HP Image
ALD910019SALI Image
ALD910026SAL Image
SLA5022 Image
  • Del#:SLA5022
  • produsenter:Sanken
  • Beskrivelse:TRANS PNP/N CH 60V 6A SIP
  • På lager:3965
PMD4002K,115 Image
UMC5NT1 Image
NUS5531MTR2G Image
CTA2P1N-7-F Image
ALD810026SCLI Image
ALD910025SALI Image
CPH5905G-TL-E Image
LMN200B02-7 Image
BCV61,215 Image
BCV61B,215 Image
ALD810020SCL Image
ALD810024SCL Image
CTA2P1N-7 Image
ALD910023SALI Image
BCV62C,215 Image
CPC5608NTR Image
ALD810028SCL Image
ALD810019SCLI Image
LMN400B01-7 Image
ALD910027SALI Image
PMD9050D,115 Image
UMC5NT1G Image

Transistorer - Spesielt formål159 produkter funnet