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Time Delay Relays3029 produkter funnet


TE Connectivity Aerospace, Defense and Marine

TE Connectivity Aerospace, Defense and Marine
TE Connectivity Aerospace, Defense and Marine- Whether you are equipping soldiers for the next-generation network-centric battlefield, reducing weight and increasing capabilities in aircraft and ships, or bringing advanced networking to commercial aircraft, TE Connectivity, formerly Tyco Electronics, has a commitment to advanced engineering and world-class manufacturing that delivers innovation and helps even the most advanced project take flight.
Since 1941, we put a premium on innovation when helping solve tough design problems in the aerospace, defense and marine industries. Talking to us early in your design cycle gives you the full benefit of our expertise. We can help you to shorten the design cycle, reduce costs, increase reliability, design for manufacturability, and meet the demanding requirements of land, sea, and air.
In short, we help you achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in some of the toughest and most severe application environments. Over 8000 engineers, 17 Design Centers, and manufacturing in 25 countries globally ensure you that innovation and commitment work to your advantage.
2917418 Image
  • Del#:SAS12S12AD
  • produsenter:Crouzet
  • Beskrivelse:SS TIMR ON DLY, 12S, 12VAC/DC
  • På lager:1726
  • Del#:88829902
  • produsenter:Crouzet
  • Beskrivelse:TIMER SPDT 5A 60PCS KIT
  • På lager:29
LT4H-AC24V Image
H3FA-AU-DC5 Image
88826135 Image
  • Del#:88826135
  • produsenter:Crouzet
  • Beskrivelse:RELAY TIME ANALG 8A 24-240V DIN
  • På lager:3486
  • Del#:SAS5S12AD
  • produsenter:Crouzet
  • Beskrivelse:SS TIMR ON DLY, 5S, 12VAC/DC
  • På lager:2381
H3YN-4 AC100-120 Image
  • Del#:88225011
  • produsenter:Crouzet
  • Beskrivelse:RESET TIMR-230VAC-50HZ 12M BASE
  • På lager:248
DRTU24A06R Image
  • Del#:SHS20M220A
  • produsenter:Crouzet
  • Beskrivelse:SS TIMR INTERVAL, 20M, 220VAC
  • På lager:2532
  • Del#:SASP10S220AD
  • produsenter:Crouzet
  • Beskrivelse:SS TIMR ON DLY, 10S ADJ, 220VAC/
  • På lager:2213
  • Del#:SASP300S24AD
  • produsenter:Crouzet
  • Beskrivelse:SS TIMR ON DLY, 300S ADJ, 24VAC/
  • På lager:2864
  • Del#:88226029
  • produsenter:Crouzet
  • Beskrivelse:RESET TIMR-24VAC-60HZ 12M PANEL
  • På lager:235
  • Del#:SDSP100S24A
  • produsenter:Crouzet
  • Beskrivelse:SS TIMR RPT CYCLE, 100S ADJ, 24V
  • På lager:2624
CDF-38-70002 Image
  • Del#:SDSP100S110A
  • produsenter:Crouzet
  • Beskrivelse:SS TMR RPT CYCLE 100S ADJ 110VAC
  • På lager:2608

Time Delay Relays3029 produkter funnet