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Solenoider, aktuatorer162 produkter funnet


Pontiac Coil Inc.

Pontiac Coil Inc.
Pontiac Coil Inc.- For more than 45 years, Pontiac Coil has been an integral part of our customers' success, delivering smart, time-saving manufacturing solutions - always one step ahead of our competitors. By focusing on the specific needs of each customer and then designing for both effectiveness and manufacturing efficiency, Pontiac Coil delivers innovative products that are more reliable, more efficient and less costly.
With facilities located throughout North America and Europe, we have become a key player in the electrical coil, solenoid and electrical/mechanical manufacturing field.
F0422A Image
DSTL-0840-09 Image
F0421A Image
413 Image
DSTL-0840-18 Image
DSML-0224-12 Image
DSML-0224-18 Image
ASB510C801ND0LF Image
F0491A Image
DSTL-0840-05 Image
F0481A Image
G0411A Image
DSOL-1333-12A Image
DSTL-0216-12 Image
F0462A Image
FIT0256 Image
  • Del#:FIT0256
  • produsenter:DFRobot
  • Beskrivelse:SOLENOID PUSH 4V
  • På lager:5883
DSOL-1333-18A Image
DSMS-0730-12 Image
DSOL-1333-36A Image
F0494A Image
AE0203D04DF Image
  • Del#:AE0203D04DF
  • produsenter:KEMET
  • Beskrivelse:SOLENOID PIEZO 4.6UM 150V
  • På lager:1120
F0474A Image
DSOS-0416-102D Image
DSMS-0730-18 Image
DSML-0224-24 Image
ASB170C801ND0LF Image
DSOL-1333-48A Image
F0412A Image
AE0505D08DF Image
  • Del#:AE0505D08DF
  • produsenter:KEMET
  • Beskrivelse:SOLENOID PIEZO 9.1UM 150V
  • På lager:557
DSOL-0844-24 Image
DSOS-0416-204D Image
F0482A Image
F0444A Image
DSOL-1341-240 Image
DSMS-0730-09 Image
F0473A Image
DSTL-0418-24 Image

Solenoider, aktuatorer162 produkter funnet