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Roterende Potensiometre, Rheostater5066 produkter funnet

M-22E10-050 20K

Copal Electronics Inc.

M-22E10-050 20K
Copal Electronics Inc.
Copal Electronics Inc.- Copal Electronics, founded in 1967 and a subsidiary of Nidec Corporation, is a global supplier to the telecommunications, computer, industrial, medical, and semiconductor equipment markets. Products designed and manufactured for these markets include trimmer and precision potentiometers, switches, optical encoders, and DC fans. Copal has also expanded its’ new product development activity into areas including silicon pressure sensors, polygon laser scanners, DC turbo fans, and thermal variable attenuators.
As part of Copal’s strategy to provide the market with one of the largest portfolios of industrial switch products from one supplier, Copal Electronics completed the acquisition of the Fujisoku Corporation in late 2007. This acquisition added panel mounted toggle, rocker, lever, pushbutton, and trigger switches to an extensive range of board level switch products already manufactured by Copal. Switch product development is a focus of the combined product group in meeting market requirements for standard and customized switching solutions.
Copal Electronics maintains global customer support capabilities through regional product and customer service offices located in Germany, China, Japan, Singapore, Korea, and the USA. Multiple product manufacturing facilities are located in Japan, China, and Vietnam.
M-22E10-050 20K Image
3549H-1AA-203A Image
3590P-2-502L Image
3547H-1AC-102B Image
534B1101JC Image
3590P-1-502L Image
53C315K Image
PTV09A-4025F-A203 Image
PCW1J-R24-BAB104L Image
270X232A102B1A1 Image
6630S0D-B28-A203 Image
  • Del#:RHL25K
  • produsenter:Ohmite
  • Beskrivelse:POT 25K OHM 25W WIREWOUND LINEAR
  • På lager:686
  • Del#:RPS1K75
  • produsenter:Ohmite
  • Beskrivelse:POT 1.75K OHM 225W WIREWOUND LIN
  • På lager:192
RV4LAYSA501A Image
91A1A-B24-B13L Image
  • Del#:CLU3531E
  • produsenter:Ohmite
  • Beskrivelse:POT 35K OHM 2W CARBON LINEAR
  • På lager:3266
3590S-2-104 Image
450D253F8 Image
PTP902-030S-103B1 Image
  • Del#:RUS10RE
  • produsenter:Ohmite
  • Beskrivelse:POT 10 OHM 1000W WIREWOUND LIN
  • På lager:57
  • Del#:CMU7521E
  • produsenter:Ohmite
  • Beskrivelse:POT 7.5K OHM 2W CARBON LINEAR
  • På lager:2682
RHS5K0 Image
  • Del#:RHS5K0
  • produsenter:Ohmite
  • På lager:1138
3549S-1AE-502A Image
  • Del#:RJS3K5E
  • produsenter:Ohmite
  • Beskrivelse:POT 3.5K OHM 50W WIREWOUND LIN
  • På lager:776
  • Del#:RCL100E
  • produsenter:Ohmite
  • Beskrivelse:POT 100 OHM 7.5W WIREWOUND LIN
  • På lager:327
6637S-1-502 Image
270X232A501B1B1 Image
  • Del#:RCS750E
  • produsenter:Ohmite
  • Beskrivelse:POT 750 OHM 7.5W WIREWOUND LIN
  • På lager:259
EVU-F2AF30D14 Image
EVU-E2AF25B14 Image
EVJ-C56F02B54 Image
6574S-1-102 Image
RV4NAYSD103C Image
3852A-282-104A Image
  • Del#:RGS75R
  • produsenter:Ohmite
  • Beskrivelse:POT 75 OHM 75W WIREWOUND LINEAR
  • På lager:663

Roterende Potensiometre, Rheostater5066 produkter funnet