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Laird Technologies EMI

Laird Technologies EMI
Laird Technologies EMILaird Technologies is an industry-leading EMI solutions provider, supplying innovative design through the manufacture of customized, performance-critical products in every available material and form factor. Products include board-level shields, combination shields, ferrite shields, EMI gaskets, vent panels and shielded windows, finger gaskets, and conductive elastomers, as well as Fabric-Over-Foam gaskets, Form-In-Place gaskets, and conductive foam and fabric. Laird Technologies constantly invents and perfects new materials, processes, and products to solve EMI problems. Customized product solutions are designed for customers in all markets of the electronics and wireless industries including the computing, telecommunications, data transfer and information technology, automotive, consumer, aerospace, defense, medical, and industrial markets.
BMI-S-209-F Image
BMI-S-202-C Image
36003500 Image
36503205 Image
BMI-S-206-F Image
36003600 Image
BMI-S-205-F Image
BMI-S-204-F Image
BMI-S-201-F Image
BMI-S-205-C Image
36503605 Image
BMI-S-204-C Image
BMI-S-210-F Image
  • Del#:0100MS
  • produsenter:N/A
  • Beskrivelse:IC EMI SHIELD 20-DIP
  • På lager:3606
S01-50250500 Image
3690103023 Image
S01-30200500 Image
36103305 Image
BMI-S-210-C Image
36103505 Image
BMI-S-102 Image
BMI-S-230-C Image
BMI-S-230-F-R Image
3690103020 Image
S02-20150300 Image
BMI-S-206-C Image
BMI-S-101 Image
BMI-S-203-C Image
36003200 Image
S02-30200250 Image

RF skjold82 produkter funnet