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Hjem > Produkter > Relays > Solid State Relays

Solid State Relays7973 produkter funnet


Omron Electronics Inc-EMC Div

Beskrivelse:RELAY SSR SPST 60V 4SSOP
Omron Electronics Inc-EMC Div
Omron Electronics Inc-EMC Div- Omron is one of the world's leading suppliers of advanced, reliable electronic controls and systems. You can count on us to provide you with the latest technology and to provide you with superior quality and performance in every product area we participate in. From relays to advanced machine visions system, nobody offers a better performance value than Omron. We also offer global service and sales support from more than 1,500 offices worldwide. Wherever you are, or wherever your customer is, Omron is there to help.
Omron is the world's leading supplier of relays. We offer both exceptional variety and technologically advanced relays for virtually any relay requirement. Choose from low signal, general purpose, power PCB, solid state and photo-MOS styles. Omron's basic and manual switches work hand in hand with our relays in consumer electronics, appliances, computer peripherals, office automation products and telecom applications. Choose from basic, tactile, DIP, optical switches and photomicrosensors.
G3VM-61LR Image
DR2260A30U Image
84140911 Image
  • Del#:84140911
  • produsenter:Crydom Co.
  • Beskrivelse:84140310 W/KEYD/LOCK INPUT CONN
  • På lager:568
D2440D-10 Image
CPC1788J Image
CPC1964B Image
DRC3P48A411R Image
AQY2C1R2P Image
MCTC4825KHA Image
CWD2490P Image
H12WD4875-10 Image
DRA3P48B2 Image
  • Del#:DRA3P48B2
  • produsenter:Crydom Co.
  • Beskrivelse:RELAY CONT 3PH 480VAC 2A 120VAC
  • På lager:824
LCA125LS Image
PS7142L-2B-A Image
  • Del#:PS7142L-2B-A
  • produsenter:CEL
  • Beskrivelse:SSR OCMOS FET 200MA 2CH NC 8-SMD
  • På lager:3760
PVU414 Image
MCSS1290DS Image
S102T01F Image
CD2425E4VR Image
CN240A60 Image
  • Del#:CN240A60
  • produsenter:Crydom Co.
  • Beskrivelse:RELAY SSR 2A 240VAC 4SIP
  • På lager:3963
CMRA6035 Image
  • Del#:CMRA6035
  • produsenter:Crydom Co.
  • Beskrivelse:RELAY SSR SCR 35A 660V PNL MNT
  • På lager:633
LCA129 Image
LBB126STR Image
DC60A10 Image
  • Del#:DC60A10
  • produsenter:Crydom Co.
  • Beskrivelse:RELAY SSR DC OUT 10A 90-140VAC
  • På lager:3516
MCSP1250CM Image
LVD75D80 Image
  • Del#:LVD75D80
  • produsenter:Crydom Co.
  • Beskrivelse:RELAY SSR LOWVOL DIS 24.0V 80A
  • På lager:459
DR48E12 Image
  • Del#:DR48E12
  • produsenter:Crydom Co.
  • Beskrivelse:RELAY SSR DIN RAIL AC OUT 12A
  • På lager:1139
CSE2450 Image
  • Del#:CSE2450
  • produsenter:Crydom Co.
  • Beskrivelse:RELAY SSR 50A 240VAC DC IN
  • På lager:4224
MCST2425BM Image
MCSP4850CM Image
CC2450E2V Image
  • Del#:CC2450E2V
  • produsenter:Crydom Co.
  • På lager:752
EZ480D18R Image
  • Del#:EZ480D18R
  • produsenter:Crydom Co.
  • Beskrivelse:RELAY SSR 18A 480VAC AC OUT QC
  • På lager:1047
CC2425E4VRH Image
MCBC4850D Image
  • Del#:MCBC4850D
  • produsenter:Crydom Co.
  • På lager:3388
HA6090-10 Image
  • Del#:HA6090-10
  • produsenter:Crydom Co.
  • Beskrivelse:RELAY SSR 90A 600VAC AC OUT PNL
  • På lager:675
MCPC4850B Image
  • Del#:MCPC4850B
  • produsenter:Crydom Co.
  • Beskrivelse:CTRLR POWER SSR 480V 50A AC OUT
  • På lager:491
PLA110L Image
GN325DLR Image
  • Del#:GN325DLR
  • produsenter:Crydom Co.
  • Beskrivelse:SSR GN3 3-PHASE 25A 4-32VDC
  • På lager:390
DC200D40 Image
  • Del#:DC200D40
  • produsenter:Crydom Co.
  • Beskrivelse:RELAY SSR 200VDC/40A 4-32VDC
  • På lager:533

Solid State Relays7973 produkter funnet