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Kraft sensorer109 produkter funnet


TE Connectivity Measurement Specialties

TE Connectivity Measurement Specialties
TE Connectivity Measurement Specialties- TE Connectivity (TE) Sensor Solutions is one of the largest sensor companies in the world, with innovative sensor products that help customers transform concepts into smart, connected systems. With the acquisition of Measurement Specialties (MEAS), TE offers an unmatched range of both connectivity and sensor solutions. TE Sensor Solutions’ broad portfolio of position, temperature, fluid properties, liquid level, humidity, and pressure technologies can be implemented for a wide range of applications across several industries, from industrial machinery, HVAC, process control and automation, to aerospace and defense, medical, consumer and appliance.
FC2231-0000-0050-L Image
FT2431-0000-0050-L Image
54-00030 Image
FSS015WNGB Image
FS01 Image
30-61710 Image
060-2443-07 Image
FC2231-0000-0025-L Image
114990107 Image
FSS020WNGR Image
FX1901-0001-0010-L Image
30056 Image
  • Del#:30056
  • produsenter:Parallax Inc.
  • På lager:1922
FX1901-0001-0200-L Image
060-2443-02 Image
060-2443-08 Image
060-0240-02 Image
060-1432-04 Image
34-00022 Image
30-49649 Image
34-00015 Image
FS2050-0000-1500-G Image
FC2311-0000-2000-L Image
FC2131-0000-0010-L Image
54-00031 Image
060-1426-04 Image
060-1426-02 Image
34-00004 Image
FX1901-0001-0050-L Image
060-1432-07 Image
114990100 Image
060-0241-04 Image
060-2444-06 Image
FX1901-0001-0025-L Image
FC2311-0000-0250-L Image
FT2431-0000-0025-L Image
FSS1500NSR Image
FSS1500NGT Image
FS03 Image
060-2443-06 Image
FC2131-0000-0002-L Image
114990097 Image
FS2030-000X-0500-G Image
30-81794 Image
FSS005WNSR Image
060-0238-10 Image

Kraft sensorer109 produkter funnet