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Solde Stencils, Maler445 produkter funnet


Chip Quik Inc.

Beskrivelse:LGA-28 STENCIL
Chip Quik Inc.
Chip Quik Inc.- Chip Quik®, Inc. is the manufacturer of the new patented Chip Quik® SMD removal kit. This innovative method of removing SMD's (surface mounted devices) at a safe low temperature has revolutionized the printed circuit board rework industry.
Chip Quik®, along with its partner Proto Advantage offers solder paste, solder wire, tacky flux, removal kits, SMT to DIP adapters, SMT to SIP adapters, and breadboards.
Chip Quik and Proto Advantage can now meet all of your rework and prototyping needs.
Our expertise in electronic rework, repair, and prototyping enables us to meet the needs of the industry through continuous development of products and methods.
IPC0098-S Image
IPC0084-S Image
IPC0167-S Image
FPC040P060-S Image
PA0191-S Image
PA0226-S Image
IPC0138-S Image
PA0240-S Image
PA0026-S Image
PA0089-S Image
IPC0038-S Image
IPC0032-S Image
FPC040P090-S Image
PA0005-S Image
IPC0144-S Image
PA0080-S Image
PA0057-S Image
PA0045-S Image
PA0055-S Image
IPC0108-S Image
IPC0103-S Image
PA0116-S Image
PA0051-S Image
PA0235-S Image
PA0099-S Image
PA0139-S Image
IPC0123-S Image
BGA0002-S Image
PA0157-S Image
IPC0049-S Image
PA0007-S Image
IPC0047-S Image
PA0192-S Image
PA0150-S Image
IPC0054-S Image
IPC0148-S Image
PA0073-S Image
FPC030P045-S Image
IPC0159-S Image
FPC040P030-S Image
PA0181-S Image
PA0028-S Image
PA0237-S Image
PA0038-S Image
PA0058-S Image
PA0064-S Image
IPC0141-S Image
PA0146-S Image

Solde Stencils, Maler445 produkter funnet