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Hjem > Produkter > brytere > Konfigurerbare bryterkomponenter - Belysningskilde

Konfigurerbare bryterkomponenter - Belysningskilde133 produkter funnet



Beskrivelse:LED RED 12V 16MM
APEM Inc.- For over 60 years, APEM has been a leading manufacturer of high quality miniature and industrial switches, offering one of the broadest ranges of products in the industry.  APEM’s portfolio, comprised of an expanding range of HMI interface products, includes switches, joysticks, indicators and keypads.
APEM is a vertically integrated manufacturer with a strong commitment to maintaining its exceptionally high standards in safety, service and reliability, while continuing its emphasis on innovation and product development.  For more information about APEM, Inc.’s product line, please visit the company’s website at
CH Products and MEC Switches are trade names of APEM, Inc.
A0142M1 Image
  • Del#:A0142M1
  • produsenter:APEM Inc.
  • Beskrivelse:LED RED 12V 16MM
  • På lager:3833
A22NZ-L-GE Image
AMCB9124 Image
A22NZ-L-RE Image
1.90690.3410000 Image
A0142N1 Image
  • Del#:A0142N1
  • produsenter:APEM Inc.
  • Beskrivelse:LED RED 24V 16MM
  • På lager:4284
  • Del#:A0244J1
  • produsenter:APEM Inc.
  • Beskrivelse:IND CTRL LED ASSY 12V RED
  • På lager:2373
A22NZ-L-WE Image
A22NZ-L-GD Image
  • Del#:A0242K2
  • produsenter:APEM Inc.
  • Beskrivelse:IND CTRL LED ASSY 24V GRN
  • På lager:2534
A0142N5 Image
  • Del#:A0142N5
  • produsenter:APEM Inc.
  • Beskrivelse:LED WHITE 24V 16MM
  • På lager:1813
A22NZ-L-YC Image
1.90690.2670000 Image
AMCB9424 Image
A22NZ-T-C Image
  • Del#:A0242K1
  • produsenter:APEM Inc.
  • Beskrivelse:IND CTRL LED ASSY 24V RED
  • På lager:4269
A0143H Image
  • Del#:A0143H
  • produsenter:APEM Inc.
  • Beskrivelse:LAMP NEON 220V 16MM
  • På lager:7592
A22R-24AR Image
  • Del#:A0141A
  • produsenter:APEM Inc.
  • Beskrivelse:LAMP FILAMENT 16MM 6.3V
  • På lager:33271
A22NZ-L-RB Image
A22NZ-L-GB Image
A22R-12AW Image
AMCB93110 Image
A22NZ-L-YB Image
1.90690.3420000 Image
A0143G Image
  • Del#:A0143G
  • produsenter:APEM Inc.
  • Beskrivelse:LAMP NEON 110V 16MM
  • På lager:8191
AMCB9524 Image
A22NZ-L-RD Image
A22NZ-L-AC Image
A22R-6AR Image
A0141C Image
  • Del#:A0141C
  • produsenter:APEM Inc.
  • Beskrivelse:LAMP FILAMENT 28V 16MM
  • På lager:29586
  • Del#:A0142P1
  • produsenter:APEM Inc.
  • Beskrivelse:PUSHBUTTON SWITCH 16MM 48V RED
  • På lager:3985
  • Del#:A0142P2
  • produsenter:APEM Inc.
  • På lager:4780
AMCB9324 Image
1.90690.3430000 Image
A22NZ-L-YA Image
1.90120.0110000 Image
  • Del#:A0244K2
  • produsenter:APEM Inc.
  • Beskrivelse:IND CTRL LED ASSY 24V GRN
  • På lager:2881
1.90120.0120000 Image
1.90690.3610000 Image
A22R-24AY Image
A22NZ-L-WC Image
A22NZ-L-RC Image

Konfigurerbare bryterkomponenter - Belysningskilde133 produkter funnet