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Home > Products > Discrete Semiconductor Products > Transistors - Bipolar (BJT) - Arrays

Transistors - Bipolar (BJT) - Arrays1254 Products Found


Diodes Incorporated

Description:TRANS 2PNP 150V 0.2A SOT26
Diodes Incorporated
Diodes Incorporated- Diodes Incorporated is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality application specific standard products within the broad discrete, logic, analog and mixed-signal semiconductor markets. In November 2015, Pericom Semiconductor became a part of Diodes Incorporated strengthening its portfolio with serial high-speed switching, signal integrity, connectivity and timing solutions.
DMMT5401-7 Image
BC846BDW1T1G Image
MMPQ2222AR1 Image
MMDT2227M-7 Image
BC847PNE6327BTSA1 Image
MMPQ2222 Image
DMC204010R Image
SSM2220SZ-REEL Image
SBC847CDXV6T1G Image
XP0140100L Image
STA401A Image
  • Part#:STA401A
  • Manufacturers:Sanken
  • Description:TRANS 4NPN DARL 60V 4A 10SIP
  • In Stock:19440
DN0150BDJ-7 Image
SMA4030 Image
  • Part#:SMA4030
  • Manufacturers:Sanken
  • Description:TRANS 4NPN DARL 100V 3A 12-SIP
  • In Stock:13464
ZDT6705TA Image
SBC846BPDW1T1G Image
XP0555300L Image
BC857QASZ Image
PBSS4140DPNF Image
ULQ2003A Image
EMX5T2R Image
DST3906DJ-7 Image
DST847BPDP6-7 Image
MBT2222ADW1T1G Image
QST9TR Image
STA408A Image
  • Part#:STA408A
  • Manufacturers:Sanken
  • Description:TRANS 4PNP DARL 120V 4A 10-SIP
  • In Stock:16284
STA406A Image
  • Part#:STA406A
  • Manufacturers:Sanken
  • Description:TRANS 4NPN DARL 60V 6A 10-SIP
  • In Stock:11706
BC847BPDXV6T1G Image
BC848CDW1T1G Image
BC847QAPNZ Image
ZHB6792TA Image
DMC202010R Image
XN0460400L Image
IMX8-7-F Image
SBC846BPDW1T2G Image
DMMT3906-7-F Image
BC847QASZ Image
XP0640100L Image
EMT18T2R Image
NSVT45010MW6T1G Image
DMG204A00R Image
ZDT1053TA Image
BC857CDW1T1G Image
BC847SH6727XTSA1 Image
ZDT749TA Image
CMXT2207 TR Image
BC847BDW1T1G Image

Transistors - Bipolar (BJT) - Arrays1254 Products Found