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Common Mode Chokes5062 Products Found


API Delevan Inc.

Description:CMC 25UH 1A 4LN SMD
API Delevan Inc.
API Delevan Inc.- API Delevan designs, manufactures, and markets an extensive line of quality inductors, chokes, and coils to satisfy various electrical filtering requirements. The Group concentrates on producing high performance inductive devices to meet stringent government and customer specifications relating to high product quality and reliability.
ICM0805ER371M Image
CME375-8 Image
SU9VD-07010 Image
  • Part#:SU9VD-07010
  • Manufacturers:KEMET
  • Description:CMC 10UH 700MA 2LN TH
  • In Stock:47579
EV35-5.0-02-3M6 Image
SS21V-R300013 Image
TLF14CBH3021R0 Image
7448640399 Image
P0421NL Image
RN232-0.6-02 Image
EXC-18CE201U Image
ELF-18D212F Image
PLA10AS1230R6R2B Image
DLP2ADN900HL4L Image
TCM1608G-350-4P Image
CMS3-9-R Image
  • Part#:CMS3-9-R
  • Manufacturers:Eaton
  • Description:CMC 400UH 1.7A 2LN SMD
  • In Stock:19258
CAF-0.7-10 Image
7446926002 Image
ELF-25C012F Image
CM3032V201R-00 Image
PLY17BN7820R7B2B Image
B82790C474N215 Image
P0422NLT Image
CM6149-334 Image
7352-V Image
  • Part#:7352-V
  • Manufacturers:Bourns Inc.
  • Description:CMC 2MH 850MA 2LN TH
  • In Stock:3293
7446631007 Image
  • Part#:CMF-0330
  • Manufacturers:Tamura
  • Description:CMC 33MH 200MA 2LN TH
  • In Stock:4368
B82726E6283B40 Image
8115-RC Image
  • Part#:7115
  • Manufacturers:Bourns Inc.
  • Description:COMMON MODE CHOKE 5MH 2A 2LN TH
  • In Stock:3577
7124-RC Image
  • Part#:7124-RC
  • Manufacturers:Bourns Inc.
  • Description:CMC 2.55MH 10A 2LN TH
  • In Stock:14740
RN114-1-02-15M Image
CM6560R-754 Image
8116 Image
  • Part#:8116
  • Manufacturers:Bourns Inc.
  • Description:CMC 50MH 2.3A 2LN TH
  • In Stock:4771
P0473NL Image
PE-62897 Image
ZCYS51R5-M8PT-01 Image
RN222-1.5-02-10M Image
B82720K2601N40 Image
EH24-2.0-02-2M5 Image

Common Mode Chokes5062 Products Found