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Embedded - Microcontrollers - Application Specific1005 Products Found


Infineon Technologies

Infineon Technologies
Infineon TechnologiesOn April 1st, 1999, Siemens Semiconductors became Infineon Technologies. A dynamic more flexible company geared towards success in the competitive, ever-changing world of microelectronics.
Infineon is a leading global designer, manufacturer and supplier of a broad range of semiconductors used in various microelectronic applications. Infineon's product portfolio consists of logic products, including digital, mixed-signal, and analog integrated circuits, as well as discrete semiconductor products.
TLE9879QXA20XUMA1 Image
CY7C63513C-PVXC Image
CY7C53120E4-40SXIT Image
CY7C67300-100AXAT Image
CY8C20346AS-24LQXI Image
CY7C67300-100AXIT Image
CYPD1105-35FNXIT Image
CYUSB3064-BZXI Image
SCH3227-SZ Image
TLE9832QV Image
CP3CN17K38 Image
CY7C63231A-SC Image
CY7C65113C-SXCT Image
CY7C64714-100AXC Image
CY8C20647S-24LQXIT Image
CY8C20247S-24LKXIT Image
STM32W108C8U63TR Image
TLE9869QXA20XUMA1 Image
KSZ8692PBI Image
15321R-960 Image
CY8C20466AS-24LQXI Image
CY7C68014A-100AXC Image
ASC8848AETK Image
CYUSB2014-BZXI Image
CY7C63723C-SXCT Image
CY8C20346A-24LQXIT Image
CY8C20447-24LQXI Image
AT43USB320A-AC Image
CYPD2122-24LQXIT Image
CY7C63001C-SXC Image
AT97SC3204-X2MA-00 Image
CY8C20496A-24LQXIT Image
  • Part#:GSD4E-9333-TR
  • Manufacturers:N/A
  • Description:IC GPS SSIV ROM WLCSP
  • In Stock:22097
CY8C20247-24LKXIT Image
SCH3226I-SY Image
CY7C64714-56PVXC Image
CY8C20546A-24PVXI Image
CY8C20336H-24LQXIT Image
AT97SC3205-G3M4520B Image
AT97SC3204T-X2MB-10 Image
NS7520B-1-C55 Image
AT97SC3205T-G3M4610B Image
TUSB3410VFG4 Image
CY7C64343-32LQXC Image
MM912G634DV2AP Image
CY7C64215-56LFXC Image

Embedded - Microcontrollers - Application Specific1005 Products Found