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Signal Relays, Up to 2 Amps6515 Products Found


TE Connectivity Potter & Brumfield Relays

Description:RELAY GEN PURP
TE Connectivity Potter & Brumfield Relays
TE Connectivity Potter & Brumfield Relays- TE Connectivity P&B, formerly Tyco Electronics P&B serves many industries, including appliance, HVAC, industrial control, computer peripheral, and security. P&B offers a variety of relays and circuit breakers to meet your specifications. Electromechanical, solid state and time delay relays for PC board and panel/plug-in mounting. Thermal and magnetic circuit breakers. Additional relay brands from TE Connectivity available for immediate delivery at Digi-Key also include Kilovac, Products Unlimited, Schrack, OEG, Axicom, and Agastat.
DBT72410S Image
  • Part#:DBT72410S
  • Manufacturers:Cynergy 3
  • Description:RELAY REED SPST-NC 2A 24V
  • In Stock:926
DAT71210S Image
  • Part#:DAT71210S
  • Manufacturers:Cynergy 3
  • Description:RELAY REED SPST-NO 2A 12V
  • In Stock:1311
G6S-2F-TR DC5 Image
SIL12-1A72-71D Image
G6S-2F-Y-TR DC9 Image
AGN200A03Z Image
TXS2SS-L2-12V-X Image
G6SK-2G DC24 Image
D3004 Image
G6K-2P DC9 Image
G5V-2-DC6 Image
TXD2SS-L-5V Image
IM02GR Image
TQ2SL-L2-24V Image
S8-1204U Image
  • Part#:S8-1204U
  • Manufacturers:Cynergy 3
  • Description:RELAY REED SPST 1A 12V UL
  • In Stock:2760
DSS41A12B Image
HC4E-HP-AC24V Image
TXS2SS-L2-12V-Z Image
TXS2SA-L2-1.5V-X Image
G6K-2F-RF-T-TR03 DC3 Image
DS2Y-SL2-DC5V Image
G6K-2F-RF-TR03 DC24 Image
TXS2-L-4.5V Image
5-1462039-5 Image
TXS2SA-9V Image
AGQ210A4HZ Image
G6K-2F-RF-TR03DC12 Image
AGN210A12 Image
G6J-2P-Y DC4.5 Image
AGQ200A24 Image
TXD2SA-6V Image
TXD2SA-2M-6V-Z Image
G6J-2FS-Y-TR DC5 Image
9094-12-00 Image
1462042-2 Image
V23079D1011B301 Image
V23079D2002B301 Image
V23079D2008B301 Image
TXS2SL-L-9V Image

Signal Relays, Up to 2 Amps6515 Products Found